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North Star Engineering has been providing experienced and customer centered building Inspection, home inspection, civil engineering, structural engineering and design services to the interior Alaska since its inception in 1991.

Septic Design

Septic Design

The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requires all septic systems to be installed in compliance with DEC standards and regulations. This presents an obstacle that the DIY home builder may not be able to overcome on his/her own. North Star Engineering can provide you with the expertise needed to navigate this obstacle and ensure that your septic system design is efficient and expedient.


DEC requires that all septic systems installed in Alaska must be installed by either a certified installer, approved homeowner, or under the supervision/inspection of a registered engineer. For those that don’t want to hire a certified installer or go through the approval process, North Star Engineering is the registered engineer to get you through the process. We are familiar with the different soils in the interior as well as the design standards and provisions outlined by DEC. Not only do we design and inspect your system to ensure it performs efficiently, but we also handle all the paperwork required to be submitted to DEC, so you don’t have to worry about the red tape. And if you’re building in an area with permafrost or high groundwater where a conventional system wont work, we can engineer you a system that will.