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Fairbanks, Alaska 99712


North Star Engineering has been providing experienced and customer centered building Inspection, home inspection, civil engineering, structural engineering and design services to the interior Alaska since its inception in 1991.


What can North Star Engineering do for you?

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Whether you’re building a house or buying one, North Star Engineering & Inspection has the certifications and expertise necessary to provide you with some of the best inspection services in town. Our commitment is to you, the owner/buyer, and making sure you have all the skills and tools you’ll need to be a good homeowner.

During the inspection process, problems may be discovered which require an engineered solution. We are especially familiar with many of the common problems that we Alaskans face in building in an Arctic environment. Whether its coming up with a fix for existing failures or ensuring its done right the first time, North Star Engineering has the knowledge to get the job done.

The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requires all septic systems to be installed in compliance with DEC standards and regulations. This presents an obstacle that the DIY home builder may not be able to overcome on his/her own. North Star Engineering can provide you with the expertise needed to navigate this obstacle and ensure that your septic system design is efficient and expedient.

Thinking about building an addition onto your home? Maybe putting in a new deck? North Star Engineering can help! Not only can we provide you with a quality design and construction drawings, but we are also committed to work closely with you to ensure the most cost effective approach is used.

Other Services

While we primarily specialize in the services listed above, we are also experienced in several other areas and can provide additional services such as:

And many more! We pride ourselves on our versatility and integrity. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the list above, just give us a call! Chances are we can provide you with the services you need, and if we can’t, then we’ll point you towards someone trustworthy and reliable who can.