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North Star Engineering has been providing experienced and customer centered building Inspection, home inspection, civil engineering, structural engineering and design services to the interior Alaska since its inception in 1991.

Military QA/QC

Military/DOD QA/QC Services

Veteran owned and operated, North Star Engineering has ample experience in providing QA and QC services for structural components of large-scale construction and renovations of military facilities. We have worked directly with the Army Corp of Engineers to provide these services to projects on both Ft. Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base.

As former service members, we here at North Star Engineering understand the high standards of quality that the military demands. Our ever-developing military technology requires frequent construction and renovation of military facilities, and North Star Engineering can provide the attention to detail needed to provide Quality Control for these projects. Whether its a new barracks for the soldiers on Ft. Wainwright or a service facility for the F-35s on Eielson Air Force Base, our inspection services will ensure that it is built to specification to provide the utmost performance and efficiency. We also understand the importance of safety in regard to these projects and are fully equipped to meet the safety requirements of the job site.